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VANILLA (Vanilla planifolia)
Botanical family: Orchidaceae
Functional Group: Aldehyde
Part of plant used for distillation: Bean/pod
Extraction process: Solvent-resinoid, Co2
Country of origin: Mexico, Tahiti, Java, Madagascar
Empirical Properties: Aphrodisiac, warming, soothing
Caution: Potential skin irritant. Dilute before applying to skin or using in the bath.

Vanilla's rich, warm and intriguing fragrance appeals to both men and women. The vanilla plant is an orchid. Some consider orchids the most highly evolved flower. Vanilla is a climbing vine bearing flowers having both male and female organs. It is thought to encourage a deep desire to embrace and express the union of sensuality and spirituality. Its aromatic warmth may offer comfort and nurturance for feelings of tension, anger and frustration.A goddess of the vanilla plant was once worshipped in Mexico. Only in Mexico does a natural pollination of the vanilla plant occur; grown anywhere else, it must be hand pollinated. Vanilla's nature is to encourage sensual and spiritual union
with ourselves and others.
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