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(Cedrus atlantica)
Botanical family: Coniferae
Functional group: Sesquiterpene
Part of plant used for distillation: Wood
Extraction process: Steam distillation
Country of origin: Morocco, India
Empirical Properties: Calming, stabilizing, harmonizing, comforting, grounding
Caution: High concentrations may possibly irritate the skin. Avoid use during pregnancy. Potential skin irritant. Dilute before applying to skin or using in the bath.

Cedarwood's aroma is strong and has a life-giving quality that imparts a sense of spiritual wisdom and resilience. Like the large cedar tree, Cedarwood oil
gives us immovable strength in times of crisis. It may calm and soothe nervous tension and anxiety and states of alienation. Perhaps it brings balance to feelings of destabilization.

Cedar is frequently mentioned in the Bible, and was used to symbolize fertility, abundance, and spiritual strength. The doors of Solomon's Temple was built out of Cedarwood and the ancient Egyptians highly valued it as a ritual incense. Cedar's nature is to remind us of our own inner strength.
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