Sophie (epistletodippy) wrote in healing_scents,

random scents

APPLE (For a cheering up),
BASIL (For promoting peace and happiness),
BAY LEAF (To increase psychic awareness),
BERGAMOT MINT (To promotes restful sleep),
CALENDULA (To promote good health),
CARAWAY (To increase energy),
CARDAMOM (To promote feelings of love and desire for sex),
CATNIP (For calming, all except cats),
CELERY (To promote restful sleep),
CHAMOMILE (To promote sleep and tranquility),
CINNAMON (To increase energy and awareness),
CLOVE (To promote healing),
COFFEE (To enhance conscious mind),
CORIANDER (To improve memory),
DILL (To sharpen conscious mind),
EUCALYPTUS (To promote healing),
FENNEL (To promote longevity),
GARLIC (To promote health and to purify the body),
HONEYSUCKLE (To help in weight loss),
GINGER (To increase energy),
HOPS (To promote sleep),
JASMINE (To promote love, sex and sleep),
JUNIPER (To promote healing),
LAVENDER (To promote good health),
LEMON (To promote health, healing and energy),
LEMON GRASS (To purify the body),
LIME (To increase energy),
MAGNOLIA (To promote feelings of love),
MARJORAM (To promote sleep),
MINT - PENNYROYAL (To increase energy),
PEPPERMINT (To sharpen the conscious mind),
SPEARMINT (To promote healing) -
MYRRH (To promote healing),
ONION (To boost immune system),
ORANGE (To increase joy and energy),
PARSLEY (For protection),
PINE (To promote healing.
ROSEMARY (To promote longevity),
SAGE (To improve memory),
STAR ANISE (To increase awareness),
THYME (To promote good health),
YARROW (To increase awareness)
YLANG YLANG (to promote sex and love).

BENZOIN (To promote energy) ,
BLACK PEPPER (To increase alertness),
BROOM (To promote tranquility),
CAMPHOR (To increase energy),
CARNATION (To increase energy),
CEDAR (To increase spirituality),
CUMIN (To boost the immune system),
CYPRESS (To promote healing),
DAFFODIL (To increase feelings of love),
DEER TONGUE (To arouse sexually),
FRANKINCENSE (To increase spirituality),
GARDENIA (To promote feelings of peace and love),
GERANIUM (To promote happiness),
HYACINTH (To help overcome grief),
HYSSOP (To purify the body),
IRIS (To increase feelings of love),
LEMON VERBENA (To increase feelings of love),
LILAC (To increase feelings of love),
LILY (To promote inner peace),
LILY OF THE VALLEY (To improve memory),
MIMOSA (To promote psychic dreams),
NARCISSUS (To enhance feelings of love),
NUTMEG (To increase energy),
ROSE (To promote feelings of love and peace),
ROSE GERANIUM (To promote feelings of peace, love and happiness),
RUE (To promote calm),
SAFFRON (To increase energy),
SANDALWOOD (An aphrodisiac, and promotes healing),
SWEET PEA (To promote happiness),
TULIP (To promote peace and happiness),
VANILLA (To promote sex and love),
WATER LILY (To promote peace and happiness)
WOOD ALOE (To increase feelings of love).
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